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I ask the same question of Brian Bond, Michael Camunez, Mark Perriello, John Berry, Nancy Sutley, and Brad Kiley, these new "gay" Obama appointees you write so winningly about.
He interprets "Tea" by slurping one very long noodle out of a Chinese take-out container and "Mother Ginger" with two women en pointe tangling in a deep second plie to form a sort of spider creature, later winningly imitated by Kazin with toe shoes on both hands and feet.
refract each other modestly and winningly, an interplay which in this volume continues to generate a sort of musing upon content genuinely pleasant to absorb; and partly because he trusts his readers enough not to disguise the fact that Axis Relaxa is a bridge.
Ryan's earnestness as Jaime is unlikely to make fans of the original forget Lindsay Wagner's more winningly droll turn.
The prose is winningly accessible, undecorated and unpretentious, very much like the diary genre.
Adamson tells Newsweek he's too exhausted to imagine ever directing again, but, asked if he could really let the Pevensie children go -- let alone the lovely kids who play them so winningly -- he laughs and shakes his head.
Manual II: How to Win The College Admissions Contest" ably demonstrates just how to properly and effectively fill out a winningly competitive application form, write a successful essay, obtain compelling recommendations, and succeed in the college application process interview.
Where his previous book's structure aped the process of recording and mixing a rock song, Trance, less obviously, is a full-blown opera--an epic documentary fiction, a post-Coover In Cold Blood--presenting a harmony of hundreds of points of view (both protagonists and bystanders get their say), all winningly imperfect, often outright comic: a revolutionary vaudeville starring the SLA and the "fascist insects" of seventies America.
This highly eclectic background--as historian, biographer, and guide--comes through winningly in Alexandria: City of Memory.
John Fowles is a man of ideas, charmingly hermetic or winningly provocative.
Twenty years after his death, and many more recountings of his life, the Duchess of Westminster remained strikingly, winningly engaged by Arkle's memory.
Wesley's female characters are deliciously crafted, as she winningly details the stupid choices that smart women continually make when it comes to trifling men.