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Based on price action on August 7, it appears that the three major "safe haven" currencies have been winnowed down to two, following the surprisingly strong US non-farm payroll results.
NASA "has an appropriate level of detail" and has "very logically" winnowed a variety of lunar-return strategies, says John Logsdon, director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University in Washington, D.
What we thought interesting--more than interesting, intriguing--was to ask whether this list might be winnowed.
Seventy-eight original submissions were winnowed to 17 long and 12 short papers by a rigorous editing process that emphasized the inclusion of new ideas, giving authors valuable feedback for their future work, and creating a hospitable atmosphere for stimulating out-of-the-box thinking.
She considers about 3,000 stories, which are winnowed out of 120 semifinalists that are then read by a guest editor, who selects the final 20 to be published.
Steam engines, with monikers like "the Young America," further winnowed the corps of firefighters into a group of professional, municipal employees.
The short list (short only in the most nominal sense) resulting from this research will be winnowed down in a series of increasingly rigorous review sessions until the curators arrive at the final lineup.
That list will be winnowed from 80 possibles: Five previous candidates not elected on earlier ballots and 75 builders, distributors, or engineers that have been suggested as prospective candidates.
The field was winnowed down to Robertson and a 15-year-old girl from Texas, said Brooks' uncle, Joe Robertson of Eugene.
Twenty-six applicants were winnowed to eight finalists by guest adjudicator Laura Faure, director of the Bates College Summer Dance Festival.
The team began by picking only those people who had a COPD diagnosis at the time of death, and winnowed that group further by selecting only people generally considered more vulnerable to pollutants--those older than 45 or younger than 1.