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Your SAF had proceeded winsomely and deliberately in this battle so as not to destroy and harm the facilities of the city, a target that was achieved by the grace of Almighty Allah as SAF entered Heglig and prayed Al Gumaa prayers and thanks prayers in it.
Yet Avishai's winsomely casual style undermines the broad scope of his work.
Nicely shot, but suffers from the region's usual winsomely irritating child.
The Mexico-born, Chicago-based playwright's flower-framed face peeked out winsomely from the cover of Time Out Chicago atop the gift bags handed out to conference attendees.
But - and this is no slight on Lydia's talents - several hours of Annie began to feel like an evening in the company of a seriously over indulged child rather than that of a winsomely spunky heroine.
We want to experience our faith as winsomely as possible and we fail," he says.
Jack Pierson has been long associated with a particular brand of Dumpster diving, one that produces oddly affecting sculptures--part ransom notes, part concrete poetry--out of winsomely all-American salvaged signage.
In contrast to Rashid's effusive displays of heterosexuality and boorish behavior such as refusing to sit next to Joachim while the latter throws his arm over a seat back on a city bus, Joachim is depicted as winsomely unconcerned (al-Daif 2006, 18).
Soprano Carla Huhtanen created a winsomely lovelorn Allegra, a powerful and eloquent presence in an otherwise all-male ensemble, while the not-inconsiderable supporting roles of the moneylender and the waiter (a kind of Faulty Towers Manuel in musical overdrive) were vividly handled by, respectively, baritone Theodore Baerg and tenor Keith Klassen.
Winsomely giggly during her interactions with the audience, Khcheich was magisterially calm and composed while delivering her vocal parts.
These more moderate believers felt that the rudeness, brusqueness, and arrogance so evident in fundamentalisms hurt the cause of presenting Jesus Christ winsomely and effectively.