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Pushing Daisies" is winsomely eccentric, and the British actress' performance is suited to such a sensibility: She's sweet yet spunky, and her yearning for Ned is palpable.
Winsomely fluttering Fairy Godmother (aka Fairy Liquid) Stephanie Knowles petulantly tossed her knackered wand into the audience squealing: "It's past its spell-by date
Beery smiles winsomely out at us from the absurdity of his lady's homely bodice and straw feathered hat, his precariously settled woman's wig, and his conspicuously applied beauty marks at cheek and chin.
Trexler ably and winsomely portrays the leadership styles of Herbert Chilstrom, H.
At first, my partners were the epitome of charm, smiling winsomely as I shimmied and shook them, pulled them close, hurled them away, just as I thought Julio was demonstrating.
The book describes the winsomely untraditional family surrounding Fern, a college student and part-time phone psychic who takes charge of a friend's newborn son.
Protestant "merger hysteria" (2:354) Ellingsen somewhat winsomely admits that while mainline denominations shrink despite such movements, conservative black churches have continued to hold their own, a pattern that ought to elicit from him the same grudging admiration he concedes in the survey of conservative Roman Catholic critiques of Western liberalism (2:339).
Its way of addressing these profound, universal themes is by telling the story, graphically and winsomely.
Antoine Watteau also rejoiced in the open air, as one can see from the gallery's winsomely pensive Plaisirs du Bal.
He takes the first movement at such a winsomely unhurried gait that one can hardly fail to fall under its spell.
Leigh Nash, with her winsomely wispy, candy-sweet vocals, was discovered by songsmith Matt Slocum when singing at church in the tiny Texas town of New Bronville at the age of 13.
The poem is winsomely intimate, but it is also a dramatization of self-concealment: pure abstraction notwithstanding, this speaker would trade his mental glissandos to "bear" Mozart's human moan.