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The great religions of the world each derive from a leader who spoke to human need in his own time so truly, so boldly and with such winsomeness that people could never be the same.
Expounding a sonnet of his, he considered, "The beauty of the body and its grace seem to proceed from being well proportioned, [from being] of graceful aspect, and in effect from a certain loveliness and winsomeness, which sometimes pleases not as much by the perfection and good proportion of the body as by a certain conformity that it has with the eye that it pleases, [a conformity] that proceeds from heaven or from nature.
Thomas asked me to choose the best slogans on the basis of the following criteria: "truthfulness, accuracy, profundity, import, impact, appeal, winsomeness, persuasiveness" and "memorability/memorableness.
Certainly she has by now become a short-tempered cash-register whose one human trait is her silly crush on Ashley; but her winsomeness was never more than an act and moreover an act which so easily took in most of the surrounding males as to reduce them to the emotional idiocy which her financial dominance now simply intensifies (her husband is terrified of her).
This week's show sees the campness halved and the winsomeness ramped up by a gazillion as Kylie Minogue parks her gold lam hotpants on the chat show host's couch.
Her playing swung from overly aggressive attack to hushed winsomeness as if vainly searching for the musical truth she really wanted to express.
Bartusiak is extremely watchable, and seems untouched by the gloss of winsomeness afflicting most child actors.
Thus it was refreshing to encounter the winsomeness of Earl Mosley's premiere, Days Past, Not Forgotten.