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The innovation happening in wireless medicine is changing the game in healthcare, and we have the stories to show just how far it's pushing the bounds of traditional medicine.
We look forward to leveraging the strengths of both companies to advance wireless medicine for the benefit of physicians and patients.
He has been a medical innovator in wireless medicine, including wireless ECG, vital signs, remote monitoring for heart failure, and as co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Gary & Mary West Wireless Health Institute.
Eric's longstanding thought leadership in cardiovascular medicine and his recent forward-thinking contributions to the burgeoning field of genomics and wireless medicine will help us shape our future offerings.
These reporting enhancements, along with our growing library of patents, provide evidence of our commitment to innovation and substantially advancing the field of wireless medicine and improving the monitoring and diagnosis of cardiac patients.
Randy Thurman, CardioNet Chairman, President and CEO, commented, "A key to success in delivering wireless medicine is rooted in our ability to distill the wide variety of information collected from sensors on the body and make that data useful for clinicians or other healthcare providers.
Eric Topol, an innovator in wireless medicine, will be presenting a keynote on Rebooting Medicine: How Wireless Empowers Consumers to Take Over their Healthcare.

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