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The industry outlook for the wide world of wireless medicine is expected to continue its climb in the coming year.
Topol believes wireless medicine holds the key to making healthcare more efficient and less costly in the future.
Wireless medicine offers some of the greatest opportunities and most difficult challenges for the next generation of patient care.
Dan's background and experience are pivotal to making CardioNet the world leader in wireless medicine.
The acquisition of Biotel, and the addition of its Braemar subsidiary's wireless event monitor to the Company's product portfolio, enhances CardioNet's position in the field of wireless medicine.
He has been a medical innovator in wireless medicine, including wireless ECG, vital signs, remote monitoring for heart failure, and as co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Gary & Mary West Wireless Health Institute.
These reporting enhancements, along with our growing library of patents, provide evidence of our commitment to innovation and substantially advancing the field of wireless medicine and improving the monitoring and diagnosis of cardiac patients.

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