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Tonight, Lorraine McIntosh takes a break from River City to appear in Wise Guys.
This time, Chili becomes a different kind of "hit" man -- he abandons the movie industry to bring his wise guy skills and negotiation tactics to the music business.
YOU STARS The full cast of wedding; WISE GUY Yoda carried out ceremony; HANDS SOLO Leia watches as Bill puts ring on his bride Rebecca
The 16-year-old, who stars as wayward, pot-smoking AJ Soprano in the Mafia drama, played the wise guy as he was held in the cells.
He began in 14th place after dressage on Wise Guy IV and then jumped clear cross country.
You get drunk and some wise guy says: "Let's record our conversation, it'll be really funny in the morning.
Two coaches - the New Jersey wise guy and the Marin County sophisticate - the offensive guru and the defensive scientist, who look so different, who act so different.
Edinburgh Accies wise guy Jeremy Richardson has warned teenage giant Scott Murray: "Watch your back.
No one watches ``The Sopranos'' as comfort food, unless you're the real-life equivalent of Don Corleone or a wise guy from ``GoodFellas.
Robert De Niro and Bill Clinton Wise guy Bob gives Bill a pinch - just to show he's a good fella
This customs guy pulled him in, apparently just because he thought he looked like a wise guy.
set the tone for much of the animation of the last 50 years with the high standards and boundless creativity that went into making their Looney Tunes cartoons, giving rise to such cartoon standards as falling anvils, explosives as a comic device, and wise guy heroes.