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In an effort to expand the reach of Wise Guys, additional manualized programs have been developed, including a Spanish-language version called Jovenes Sabios, and an intervention for older teens and young adults called Wise Guys: The Next Level, which focuses on providing men with information on healthy relationships, sexuality, fatherhood, and life choices.
Overall, the wise guys are feminized, orally fixated male hysterics.
Tonight, Lorraine McIntosh takes a break from River City to appear in Wise Guys.
No one watches ``The Sopranos'' as comfort food, unless you're the real-life equivalent of Don Corleone or a wise guy from ``GoodFellas.
Robert De Niro and Bill Clinton Wise guy Bob gives Bill a pinch - just to show he's a good fella
Edinburgh Accies wise guy Jeremy Richardson has warned teenage giant Scott Murray: "Watch your back.
This customs guy pulled him in, apparently just because he thought he looked like a wise guy.
EVERY YEAR, it seems, some wise guy moviemaker thinks he has a graphic new take on the horrors of drug addiction that just has to be inflicted on the world.
Played, in a cosmically right stroke of casting, by former TV wise guy Greg Kinnear, Crane comes off here as kind of a bent naif: a nice guy encouraged by minor fame and emerging technology to utterly lose himself in what started out as a common male fetish.
It's one thing struggling to embrace capitalism, and another floundering to be a wise guy.
In the early stages of ``SL2'' casting, the villainous Falcon spoke with a German accent, or with Tony Soprano's wise guy gruffness.