wise man

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He said: "Yes; the wise man hides a pebble on the beach.
A fool seemeth this wise man with his forty thoughts: but I believe he knoweth well how to sleep.
We might put it--' began the Wise Man perseveringly.
It is easy to turn everything into ridicule," said Laura resolutely; "but you will not find it quite so easy, Count Fosco, to give me an instance of a wise man who has been a great criminal.
If I could give you an instance, it would not be the instance of a wise man.
A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority.
As a last resort he determined to take her with him by force rather than sacrifice her life to the insane hallucination which haunted her; but, being a wise man, he determined to humor her first and then attempt to lead her as he would have her go.
At first people said that Masilo, the stranger, had stabbed the king; then it was known that Mopo, the wise man, the doctor and the body-servant of the king, had slain the king, and that the two great bulls, his brothers Umhlangana and Dingaan, children of Senzangacona, had also lifted spears against him.
There again he was a fool, for no wise man would put out to sea in so small a boat.
An illustrious wise man explained to us that erotic literature had not awaited our modern times to be read, moving onto a brief history of erotic texts over past centuries.
Many of us entered into the interpretation profession to, like the wise man, devote ourselves to "passionately serving mankind.
Undoubtedly, any wise man worth his salt would give the gift of travel in the modern world.