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Wishful Drinking is Fisher's personal tell-all, from playing Princess Leia, to growing up with famous parents Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, to marrying and divorcing Paul Simon among other forays into her riveting, multi-dimensional life.
The research team from the University of Texas at Austin and Cornell University showed how wishful betting could harm beliefs throughout markets, as other market participants assume that wishful bettors possess more favourable information than they do.
Fisher is currently flaunting her new figure on the summer tour of Wishful Drinking, and prepping for the release of her sixth book Shockaholic, due this fall.
Three decades later, most Mexicans no longer believe progress is imminent, yet those same artists continue to propagate their pastoral Minimalism, unwittingly confirming the government's wishful delusions about modernity and, by the way, about Modernism.
So you can't simply attribute these experiences to the result of wishful thinking, the hallucination of a grieving pet owner," notes Smith.
The actress, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy and her award-winning Wishful Drinking show, started Jenny Craig in November 2010, and told the world, "If I lose 10 pounds, it'll be a miracle.
I acknowledge that any future projection demands a skillful compromise between wishful thinking and the recognition of exigencies beyond our control.
For a century, reports of psi and other psychic phenomena have often dissipated in a mist of poor experimental design, wishful thinking about chance statistical results, and outright cheating.
Combining PNT's technological and strategic expertise with Rosemary Palazzo's consumer marketing expertise, the partners' conclusion goes beyond wishful thinking.
I think it's probably wishful thinking,'' Jones said.
Declaring that "given what passes for justice in Iran, it was perhaps wishful thinking that left by itself the government of Iran would do any more on behalf of anyone deemed a spy for Israel," the American Jewish Congress, following the rejection today by the nation's Supreme Court of an appeal by the 10 Iranian Jews convicted of spying for Israel, called on nations maintaining relations with Iran to urge President Khatami to stand up to the nation's hard liners and to pardon the innocent accused.
It's important to base what we do on data, not on wishful thinking," Love says.