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TO WIT. That is to say; namely; scilicet; (q.v.) videlicet. (q.v.)

TO WIT. To know, that is to say, namely. See Scilicet.

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And when the Holy Greal had been borne through the hall, then the Holy Vessel departed suddenly, that they wist not where it became: then had they all breath to speak.
Both books have been published by Tindal Street Press, although Wist did attract what Jackie wryly calls 'positive rejections' from London publishers.
She readily agrees, and continues to twist the local villain around her little finger by kissing him wist n le ng diagnosis.
But in an unexpected t wist, Bilich as dramatically pulled out the race to become the Hammers' next boss amid claims he's in pole position to become manager at a bigger Premier League club.
Well it seems she's got her celebrity couples in at wist as she was round to mine in double quick time thinking we were going off to see Brad Pitt.
at all" [EXO, 000, -p-c, f_%SV] 'Zo hij het al wist, hij heeft niet gereageerd.
But touche they talked and marueiled of the maner of this dealing, that the matter was on both partes made so straunge, as though neither had euer communed with other thereof before, when that themselves wel wist there was no man so dul that heard them, but he perceiued wel inough, [y.
When he is with her, it is made clear how limited his practical powers of consolation are: "I wist not what to do / Or how to speak to her" (309-10), and at the close of another visit, as he leaves her "With the best hope and comfort I could give," the Pedlar ruefully remembers how Margaret "thanked me for my will, but for my hope / It seemed she did not thank me" (428-31).
Wist has written for numerous publications, including the Washington Post, Metropolis and the New York Observer.
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