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The show was wrapped up with a touching tribute to The Rutles' greatest fan and champion - a certain George Harrison - as the band played a heartfelt rendition of All Things Must Pass, followed by their answer to When I'm Sixty Four (Back In Sixty Four) which was sometimes achingly poignant in its wistfulness.
His Death In The Afternoon about bull- fighting in Spain and A Moveable Feast about his life in Paris are powerful with strong words eliciting a certain wistfulness," says the estate manager.
Romney's wistfulness -- and for his angst about Hispanic votes -- are apparent.
Lead singer Sarah Hall's vocal is pure and distinct which adds layers of wistfulness to a track that has been beautifully crafted.
An air of wistfulness drifts over the film as the couple learns to rebuild trust and intimacy, discovering that it's never too late to fall in love for the second time.
The wistfulness yet joy of the story is underpinned by the cheerful drawings, so full of movement on white and blue snowy pages.
There was a wistfulness in his answer that hinted at the pressure that is crowding in on him the closer he gets.
The wistfulness is really building up and I'm facing the possibility I might never see Sydney again.
The nostalgia Hrair expressed fits with the sentiment of many Lebanese lately: wistfulness about a changing country, about a population drifting from its traditions.
With wistfulness he shared the memories when he started CDN with only 3 members, and by accomplishing various milestones the company has reached the height wherein CDN has become a strong force of 175 members.
Perhaps less successful was Litton's rather lumpen performance of Finzi's delightful Eclogue for Piano and Strings, a piece full of English gentility and wistfulness which began rather ploddingly, but improved as it progressed.
But the likes of Communication Breakdown--in which the two words divided from one another across a gallery corner--and the deliberately ungrammatical I Only Have Eye for You (for Justin Lieberman) hinge on a similar mixture of wit and wistfulness.