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The relatively tranquil feel of the album's final two songs implies that the turbulence has passed, leaving only wistfulness and resignation.
Perry also spoke briefly, with a note of wistfulness in his voice, about his suspended campaign for the presidency.
Wistfulness is a mainstay of his catalogue, and certainly some of his solo work is so sugary it could revive a flagging diabetic.
Listening to his vocals, its clear that the years have added a rough touch to his voice and shaved a bit of his high range, but his technique is still impeccable, and he sings with a full, rich lilt which is still as easy on the ears as ever, and still as loaded with wistfulness and steam, even on a relatively upbeat song.
Romney's announcement last month that he was weighing a third run roiled an already-crowded Republican race, but it had an air of wistfulness and ephemerality from the start.
As I prepare to leave, I once again sense a similar feeling of anticipation for the next phase of life, but also feel a deep sense of wistfulness for the time that has passed.
The show was wrapped up with a touching tribute to The Rutles' greatest fan and champion - a certain George Harrison - as the band played a heartfelt rendition of All Things Must Pass, followed by their answer to When I'm Sixty Four (Back In Sixty Four) which was sometimes achingly poignant in its wistfulness.
I, on the other hand, was in a constant fever of wistfulness for 4-H meetings, grange square dances and--be still my heart--farm outbuildings.
His Death In The Afternoon about bull- fighting in Spain and A Moveable Feast about his life in Paris are powerful with strong words eliciting a certain wistfulness," says the estate manager.
Romney's wistfulness -- and for his angst about Hispanic votes -- are apparent.
Lead singer Sarah Hall's vocal is pure and distinct which adds layers of wistfulness to a track that has been beautifully crafted.
An air of wistfulness drifts over the film as the couple learns to rebuild trust and intimacy, discovering that it's never too late to fall in love for the second time.