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SABBATH. The same as Sunday. (q.v.)

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Among his topics are the beginnings of the Medieval Inquisition, the origin of the witches' sabbath, the papal Instruction Concerning Witchcraft Trials, demonic possession in Paderborn, and the last witch trials in Switzerland.
The witches' sabbath atop the Brocken, celebrated on the eve of May, had been depicted in engravings, evoked on maps of the Harz region, cited in prose and poetry, and dismissed by Enlightenment rationalists as superstitious legend.
How many will rest satisfied with a Macbeth in which the pilot's thumb can only allude to the one body part of Edmund Campion which disappeared into the relic-hungry crowd at his execution, so that 'the effect of flaunting [it] at a witches' Sabbath must have been to taint all who found a meaning in martyrdom, whether of treason or of truth' (193)?
Features of European witchcraft trials, such as reports about the witches' sabbath, flying, and demonic copulation, were rarely present at English witch trials.
It had to contain individual detail about places and times, motives for entering the Devil's service, activities at the witches' sabbath, and malefices committed; it had also to be theologically correct.
Them will be something special about that race: the numerous skiers are all gaudily dressed witches, often with broomsticks, and apart from the race itself, you can attend a terrific Witches' Sabbath, with hundreds of witches dancing wildly around a bonfire.
In the final movement, Witches' Sabbath, conductor and orchestra revelled in Berlioz's often-bizarre sound world, bringing this incredible work to a triumphant close.
He made other films, as well -- while in Sweden on a Fulbright Scholarship, he made a documentary about a witches' sabbath.
7), witches appear in many of his drawings and in two of his most remarkable prints, the Witches' Sabbath (fig.