with alacrity

References in classic literature ?
Strickland was glad to show me her children, and she accepted my invitation with alacrity.
Ferguson had a servant who answered with alacrity to the name of Joe.
cried my mother, proceeding with alacrity to pull the bell and order the favoured beverage.
And then," said the Sheriff jumping up with alacrity, "we shall see on which side of the gate they stop over-night
The Sub-Warden rose with alacrity, and the two left the room together.
I should be most happy," replied he aloud, and jumping up with alacrity, "it would give me the greatest pleasure; but that I am this moment going to dance.
Philip stared at her in surprise, for the one thing she could be counted upon to do with alacrity was to give advice.
Some of the warriors started to obey their chief with alacrity, but Busuli and several others hesitated to leave him--hesitated between love and loyalty for their king, and superstitious fear of the unknown.
But at a sign from me he took off the embargo with alacrity.
If I had been asked ten or 15 years earlier I would have accepted with alacrity.
Responding with alacrity to exception reports non-responsive LPRF meters.
By working with Alacrity and developing higher-level skills in key industry sectors, we aim to convert high-flying engineering graduates into successful entrepreneurs of high-technology companies who will then provide employment sources to the Welsh economy.