with an iron hand

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The tribe of anthropoids over which Kerchak ruled with an iron hand and bared fangs, numbered some six or eight families, each family consisting of an adult male with his females and their young, numbering in all some sixty or seventy apes.
Babar said of the UK's air raids on Isis in Syria: "We should deal with terrorists with an iron hand and show no concessions.
He said that illegal store owners and quacks were playing with the lives of the people and they would be dealt with an iron hand.
Many have attacked him for rebuilding ties with a country where a single family has ruled with an iron hand for six decades.
In an address during the Haj, the mufti called on fellow Islamic leaders to "hit with an iron hand the enemies of Islam".
ISLAMABAD -- While expressing grave concern over the rise in incidents of sectarian violence in the country the Federal Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday directed the law enforcement agencies that all acts of violence should be dealt with an iron hand adding that all segments of religious opinion should be taken on board in a proactive and positive manner.
New Delhi, Jan 4 ( ANI ): Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has said crimes against women and weaker sections of society need to be curbed with an iron hand.
Authorities would "strike with an iron hand all those who seek to tamper with the nation's security," Justice Minister Abdel Aziz al-Gindi told reporters after the Cabinet held crisis talks.
Loyal to the Resistance Parliamentary bloc deputy Ali Fayad said there are attempts to trigger confessional and sectarian strife in Lebanon, dismissing these efforts as cheap and trivial and "will be faced with an iron hand.
The Taliban are criminals and murderers who are playing with the lives of innocent people," he said and promised that they would be dealt with with an iron hand.
George Simpson ruled the Northern Department of the HBCo with an iron hand and provided leadership when it was most needed.
PAC's chairman, Edward Leigh, argued: "If the Games are to be the great success we all want them to be, then the risks to delivery will have to be managed with an iron hand.