with certainty

See: fairly
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From the present mode of education we cannot determine with certainty to which men incline, whether to instruct a child in what will be useful to him in life; or what tends to virtue, and what is excellent: for all these things have their separate defenders.
The most sagacious and laborious naturalists have never yet succeeded in tracing with certainty the line which separates the district of vegetable life from the neighboring region of unorganized matter, or which marks the ermination of the former and the commencement of the animal empire.
The four Eastern States, from all the causes that form the links of national sympathy and connection, may with certainty be expected to unite.
But Jane could think with certainty on only one point-- that Mr.
I cannot speak with certainty, because the two leading men were partially hidden from my sight by an intervening mass of rock, but it is my belief, from the movements of their shoulders, that Croz, having done as I said, was in the act of turning round to go down a step or two himself; at this moment Mr.
2] at which point they can no longer remember with certainty that heads resulted due to some manipulation of their memory and therefore make the assignment [P.
For example, most people would prefer to accept the sum of $1,000 with certainty, rather than have an 80 percent chance of winning $1,500, despite the greater expected value ($1,200) of the latter.
By changing this measurement date, the value of the acquirer stock is known and, thus, the measurement can be determined with certainty.
There are additional items in the population that are not large enough to require sampling with certainty but are large enough that they are selected with greater frequency because of their importance in reducing sampling variability.
It is his task to determine with certainty, if possible, when the principle which causes integration of the bodily functions, the principle of unity of the individual, no longer functions.
To maximize the total selling price of the bonds, the transaction sponsors must predict with certainty the amount and timing of every mortgage payment the Trust will receive.
Nature probably has the answers already, but mathematicians need to establish them with certainty, and such efforts often entail a lot of toil and trouble.