with fidelity

See: faithfully
References in classic literature ?
He had served with fidelity and courage, and having been, according to the custom of the provinces, intrusted with commands much superior to those to which he was entitled by rank, with reputation also.
Her dress was grey and plain, but it fitted her figure with fidelity and discretion.
According to a Fidelity spokesman, Stanley informed Fidelity's representatives that Stanley has not been authorized to negotiate a sale or merger of US Facilities with Fidelity and has instead only been authorized to explore Fidelity's proposal.
Fidelity stated that its solicitation, if successful, will send a strong message to the board that stockholders wish to maximize value through a sale or merger of US Facilities, whether with Fidelity or another acquirer.
Our contract with Fidelity for the HORIZON system gives Rockland Trust Company the advanced core processing technology needed to quickly respond to customer needs while helping us meet our strategic business goals in today's demanding financial marketplace.
By integrating our defined contribution, defined benefit and health and welfare plans with Fidelity, KoSa brings new self-service tools to help our plan participants maximize these benefits.
Fidelity's letter stated that, unless US Facilities accepts Fidelity's proposal, enters into negotiations with Fidelity or commits to seek a sale of US Facilities, Fidelity will commence a proxy contest in connection with US Facilities' 1994 annual meeting of stockholders to be held on May 25, 1994.
DALBAR is an independent organization and is not affiliated with Fidelity.
With Fidelity Advisor Tax Managed Stock Fund, advisors can align the fund's goal of maximizing after-tax returns with the long-term financial objectives of their clients.
Wireless device/service providers are independent companies and are not affiliated with Fidelity.
Horlick, 42, is a 21-year veteran of the financial services business and has been with Fidelity International Limited in London since 1994, most recently as president of its international institutional business.