with good credit

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Borrowers with good credit histories will be able to get cheaper loans after the Australian government forced the big four banks to share more data on their customers' credit histories.
Our banks are strong, stable and offer lower interest rates to those with good credit.
Those who are classed as sub-prime will also face higher interest rates and fees than those with good credit records.
In some cases, minority borrowers with good credit are "steered" toward high-cost loans more appropriate for borrowers with low credit scores.
reveals how customers with good credit are the most likely to get "buried" (meaning "to owe more in loans on a car than the car is actually worth") in a bad car deal, because both the dealer and lenders see a good credit rating as an invitation to jack up loan rates and pile as many unneeded extras on the bill as possible.
The company provides loans of up to 95 percent of the purchase price for borrowers with good credit.
With personal information easy to get, thieves are stealing the identities of people with good credit, getting cards in their names and charging away.
Individuals with good credit scores who have turned away from credit cards and moved towards bank-issued debit cards in an effort to protect their credit reports and scores could see a negative long-term impact to their decision, IDENTITY GUARD[R] (http://www.
It is believed that the bank has sent letters to customers with good credit about the hike in interest rates.
Borrowers with good credit ratings have the most leverage to bargain for the best rates.
Also, a significant share of the loan amount is borrowed by school districts with good credit quality.
Ask someone responsible and with good credit to put you on his or her account as an authorized user.