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It won't go anywhere, there won't be much to it, but they'll be arrested and charged with it.
So I'm trying to make sense of that, to come to grips with it - but not to deny it and not to float beyond it and say I transcend this because I'm a woman, I'm a feminist, and I'm against imperialism.
They can't speak with it, because it doesn't have the words and the concepts they need to express the essentials of their beings, their history, their day-to-day struggles, and their future aspirations.
The unisex bathroom, for instance, they say, if you can't do one of each sex, you can do a unisex, at least in this technical assistance manual that came with it.
Projected out, this implies a society that's sick in a kind of assumed, unproven way, without there being anything specifically wrong with it.
If you don't like what's happening to you, try and deal with it and if you can't, just try and let it slip away.
With theatre, you're with it, changing it, working it and you don't let go until you let go and then you move on to do another show.
Laughs] But it wasn't like I always knew, "I'm straight, and I'm OK with it.