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Automated licensing back-office with license generation, fulfillment and tracking fully integrated into all major ERP and CRM systems, reducing operational costs
NASDAQ:SFNT), setting the standard for information security, today announced the launch of Sentinel RMS, a software rights management solution that dramatically reduces or eliminates many of the costs normally associated with license management by automating this process and integrating it with back-office systems.
Combining SYNNEX's world-class ability to deliver build-to-order computer systems with License Online's software licensing platform will give Channel Partners the tools they need to provide comprehensive solutions for their customers," said Pip Marlow, Director of US Distribution Channels at Microsoft Corporation.
With the addition of volume licensing programs for Allaire, Computer Associates and iPlanet, the new version of Intraware Volume Licensing will enable customers to maintain better compliance with license agreements for multiple vendors.
By registering with License Online, resellers can receive a free, customized storefront, hosted by License Online.
We are pleased to work with License Online as a leading Partner Portal for the global Small and Midsize (SMB) IT Channel.
They can "Get the Button" with License Online's QuickQuote licensing configurator and very quickly begin offering online licensing.
Software publishers embed FLEXlm into their products to control or monitor compliance with license terms so publishers can license software in ways that best match how customers value their products.
With License Express, if a customer is running 50 copies of a developer's software, the developer will be paid for all 50 copies.
The customer is not burdened with buying software metering tools to attempt to comply with license terms.
The company will also progress its collaborative program with licenses for Marketplace Replenish and Electronic Dynamic Agreement(TM) for improved order forecast visibility and execution.
Census License Compliance Suite is designed to give administrators an aggregate 'licensing view' of the software installed on each desktop, and allow them to import purchase records directly from software resellers to automate some of the most difficult steps in implementing and running an ongoing compliance program - reconciliation of discovered software with licenses owned.