with the stipulation

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References in classic literature ?
It was three miles to where I lived, and I had received a pass with the stipulation that I could sit down as long as there were no paying passengers in need of a seat.
To render his visits the more agreeable, my aunt had instructed me to open a credit for him at a cake shop, which was hampered with the stipulation that he should not be served with more than one shilling's-worth in the course of any one day.
Remember to move for admission of attachments on the record because they are not automatically admitted with the stipulation in the same way enclosures are.
Gene Johnson, FairPoint's chairman and CEO, stated, "We're pleased with the stipulation and appreciate the hard work and support of the Vermont Department of Public Service.
Syrian legislation comes even closer to its Israeli counterpart with the stipulation of exceptional naturalization.
Florida Power & Light Company President Armando Olivera issued the following statement in connection with the Stipulation and Settlement: "For the last several days, we have engaged in negotiations with the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Public Counsel and other interested parties regarding our base rate request before the Public Service Commission, and we have reached an agreement which we believe represents a reasonable compromise on the issues raised.
5 percent rate reduction, totaling $30 million annually, will be allocated in accordance with the stipulation.
The company was not required to pay any monetary fines in connection with the Stipulation of Consent and Judgment.