with the stipulation

See: provided
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It was three miles to where I lived, and I had received a pass with the stipulation that I could sit down as long as there were no paying passengers in need of a seat.
08-MD-1989-GKF-FHM" in accordance with the stipulation of settlement entered into by the parties on 3 May 2011.
According to Blueknight the settlement provides for, among other things, dismissal of the class action litigation with prejudice, releases in favour of the defendants and collective payment by the defendants in accordance with the stipulation of settlement.
Remember to move for admission of attachments on the record because they are not automatically admitted with the stipulation in the same way enclosures are.
To avoid the adverse impact of the conditional so-ordered stipulation, the plaintiff was required to demonstrate a reasonable excuse for the failure to timely comply with the stipulation and the existence of a meritorious cause of action (see Gilmore v Garvey, 31 AD3d 381; Goldsmith Motors Corp.
Syrian legislation comes even closer to its Israeli counterpart with the stipulation of exceptional naturalization.