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To grab audience attention and to make people accept the Bigg Boss brand of entertainment as being with-it required a 360- degree marketing initiative.
But any stimulus would likely motivate these with-it college seniors.
35pm) THE festival season is drawing to a close and those of you not thoroughly sick of interchangeable indie bands playing in the middle of cow fields to barely with-it students then this bank holiday line-up of music should be just the thing for you.
I can truly say that it is India's most exciting, fun, savvy and with-it music and entertainment magazine.
He's noticed that teenagers tend not to be too with-it in the mornings and his imaginative solution is to move the school starting time to the afternoon.
This makes the worldly and with-it Radosh quite the outsider as he dives into the decidedly un-hip universe of Evangelical pop culture--a world that is, above all, determined to be neither secular nor elite.
Today's with-it 'rents think twice before exposing their child to--pay attention here, this gets complicated--this following impromptu periodic table of hazardous materials:
Whether it's an effort to be young and with-it or if it's just some perverted altruism, the networks simply need to stop paying attention to the Internet.
Another with-it Expo vendor was Tierney Rides, a team of brothers from Chicago who don't even make a snow sports product.
Coroner Aidan Cotter said: "We are beginning to find more people driving with excess alcohol and Oliver's death demonstrates that however young, fit, with-it and intelligent you may be, if you drink with excess alcohol this is the type of thing that can easily happen.
When you watch MTV and what's going on in youth culture, you just find these very attractive, very with-it young people with same-sex attractions.