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Caveat: Although individuals may be eligible to withdraw money from their retirement plans as a result of Hurricane Katrina, their plans may not permit early withdrawals.
Therefore, until the court has allowed an attorney to withdraw from a case, the attorney must still represent the client.
It also upheld the auditor's right to withdraw from an engagement when the client requests conduct that is not in keeping with GAAP or GAAS.
Generally, the beneficiary may withdraw fund earnings tax free if the amounts do not exceed the QEEs incurred for that year.
But Matz granted Campbell's own motion to withdraw, castigating Beard-Williams for faxing reporters a copy of a letter she'd sent to the judge criticizing her attorney.
2000-2 requires only that the surviving spouse have the power exercisable annually to withdraw the income.
We were asked by a federal judge to withdraw our resignations to de-escalate the situation.
The trust provided that, for 15 days after contributions of property to the trust, each of the seven beneficiaries had an unrestricted right to withdraw an amount not to exceed the annual exclusion.
In this ruling, a trust was created for the benefit of nine grandchildren, granting each beneficiary the right to withdraw a portion of the value of the trust.
To claim a loss from an abnormal retirement, a taxpayer must permanently withdraw the ass from use in a trade or busines (such is by disposition, abandonment or other withdrawal from productive use, such as transfering the asset to a scrap or supplies account (Regs.
troops in the Persian Gulf remained on high alert, Iraqi troops began to withdraw Sunday from Irbil, the main city in the U.
Ruling that defense attorneys failed to show compelling new arguments, a judge on Monday denied a motion by former Moorpark City Councilman Scott Montgomery to withdraw his guilty plea to conflict of interest charges.