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Special Items is defined as charges or credits that are deemed as Non-GAAP items such as withdrawable trust income, acquisition and divestiture expenses, severance costs, loss on early retirement of debt and other costs, discrete tax items and other non-recurring amounts.
In-line, fixed and withdrawable designs are available for pipe sizes from 10 nun to 8 m in diameter.
Furthermore, the design of the ACS 2000 features withdrawable modules, which allows for easy front access to all drive components.
Providing a depository for annually withdrawable profits.
To open this new withdrawable account, called Tier- II, a subscriber has to make a minimum contribution of Rs 1,000.
Unlike the tier 1 account, tier 2 will be withdrawable and you can operate it almost like a savings account.
1) When banks expand credit, by granting loans and creating demand deposits, they generate immediately withdrawable liabilities to finance longer-term loans.
For example, changing the above triggers from distributable to withdrawable may make a difference to the beneficiaries for asset protection purposes.
The proponents of this view claim that because these institutions take deposits that are withdrawable on demand, they are subject to panic "runs" that may bring down otherwise solvent institutions.
A primary reason for discontinuing the separate categories was that overnight deposits often were held under continuing contracts, thereby resembling term deposits, and term deposits often were withdrawable, thereby resembling overnight deposits.
The latest series of rack and panel connectors on offer from Icore International was specifically designed to simplify the design and construction of withdrawable assemblies that require high-current connections, the compact connectors, designed for use with motor starters and power supplies, ensure consistently low contact resistance, low mating force and extended working life and are available with current ratings up to 400 Amps.
It includes dealer reserves, all tax accruals, short-term certificates of thrift or investment, deposit liabilities (other than those not withdrawable during term of loan), and all other liabilities.