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The Congress opposed the withdrawing of the bill, which was brought in during the previous UPA regime, saying amendments in the earlier bill be brought instead.
Silke said in a statement: "I would like to announce that following a request from the Galway hurling board chairman, Miko Ryan, I am now withdrawing my name from the contest for the Galway senior hurling manager's position.
The main reason people gave for withdrawing money was to spend it on impulse purchases, with an average of pounds 132 blown on shopping sprees, while pounds 40 went on holidays and around pounds 29 was taken out to bolster current account balances
With nearly pounds 4,000 per second expected to be withdrawn from ATMs this Bank Holiday weekend, our advice to people is stay vigilant when withdrawing money,' saidBarnaby Davis, head of ATMs at Barclays.
The Utah House of Representatives passed a joint resolution on February 2 urging Congress to consider withdrawing U.
When and where the students transferred and the reported reasons for withdrawing were also noted in the records for each student.