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Utterson was amazed; the dark influence of Hyde had been withdrawn, the doctor had returned to his old tasks and amities; a week ago, the prospect had smiled with every promise of a cheerful and an honoured age; and now in a moment, friendship, and peace of mind, and the whole tenor of his life were wrecked.
I knew that hand, though a black glove concealed its delicate whiteness and half its fair proportions, and quickly seizing it, I pressed it in my own - ardently for a moment, but instantly recollecting myself, I dropped it, and it was immediately withdrawn.
He assured me that the unparalleled trust she had placed in him had awakened such an answering conviction of her innocence and integrity in his mind, that he was guiltless of having felt even a moment's unworthy jealousy, either at the time when he was in her presence, or afterwards when he had withdrawn from it.
The draughtsman who had been already appointed to accompany it has lost heart, and withdrawn at the eleventh hour, and Walter is to fill his place.
Sometimes, indeed, a grizzly head might be seen, peering over the parapet-wall of a distant house; but it was quickly withdrawn again; and as the window of Oliver's observatory was nailed down, and dimmed with the rain and smoke of years, it was as much as he could do to make out the forms of the different objects beyond, without making any attempt to be seen or heard,--which he had as much chance of being, as if he had lived inside the ball of St.
The normal practice is that once the bill is introduced, it becomes the property of the House, and can only be amended and not withdrawn.
According to details, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has withdrawn from NA-71 Mianwali and NA-1 Peshawar.
Most of the candidates who have withdrawn their nomination forms were participating in elections as independent candidates and they also addressed press conference to express their support to the candidate, in favour of him they withdrew their papers.
Socially withdrawn children are believed to experience competing motivations-they want to interact with peers, but the prospect of doing so causes anxiety that interferes with such interactions.
Some early morning journeys on this service will be withdrawn.
If the amount withdrawn is replaced within three years of receipt, no income tax would be due on it.
The following Test Methods have been withdrawn by the Quality and Standards Management Committee due to lack of progress in their review: