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Height at wither (HAW) was measured as the distance from the surface of the platform to wither.
b1, b2, b3, b4, b5 = Partial regression co-efficient of body weight on body length, height at wither, heart girth, rump and forehead respectively.
Firstly, the analysis was performed with the full dataset with animals from 260 to 780 days of age, to estimate the heritability coefficient for body weight and height at withers.
However, Wither and Dubai-based Scot Ross Bain did reclaim their tour cards at the event in Johor, Malaysia, in January.
For the withering process, training covers the monitoring and control of the process, physical and chemical wither regimes, traditional withering, and standard withering.
Half of the world has four hubcaps on their car," noted Wither.
But the task of attribution is not as hard as this may suggest, for the name of George Wither became celebrated early in his career.
His daughter, Rosalind Withers, has taken on the responsibility of keeping his legacy alive, as the Withers Collection is the largest family-owned photographic collection, taken by one individual.
Stephen Donaghue, prosecuting, said Withers was driving a silver Honda Integra north towards Pengam.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that Mauritius's financial sector is worth around $630bn, and the Port Louis-based Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) has become a pivotal player in developing trade flows into Africa, according to Antony Withers, the bank's CEO.
Lisa Withers texted one of her three children the night before she turned 48 complaining about her situation.
But Bargoed were soon up and running as lock Bryce Morgan crashed over for the game's first try which was converted by Sam Withers.