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A self-confessed Anglophile, the man from Montana has built up a loyal following on this side of the pond thanks to his incisive and often witheringly caustic analysis of his countrymen's cultural and political foibles.
The exquisitely-dressed Mr Yorke, of course, doesn't laugh at the poor, but makes a healthy living out of witheringly mocking everyone's style.
In a witheringly dismissive onslaughthe reminded the hearing that it was the Americans who sold Saddam the arms he used to subdue his own people.
Finkleman's scripts are witheringly pitiless in their depiction of Findlay's and others' casual, career-advancing callousness.
Sue Williams made her reputation in the late '80s and early '90s with crudely painted images of sexual abuse and female abjection, often accompanied by witheringly mordant and obscene texts.
What transpired on the spacious Hanover stage - two hours of witheringly funny, eerily prescient, sometimes touching, profoundly wise, and unexpectedly humbling commentary on the prevaricating nature of the human race.
OWEN HARGREAVES has rejected Idan Tal's dismissive attack on England and witheringly asked: "Who are you?
Weoley councillor Peter Douglas Osborn was witheringly sarcastic in congratulating Labour's Sir Albert Bore on becoming the pounds 30,000-a-year part-time chairman of the University Hospital Birmingham Trust.
He's stranded in the graveyard shift at a dinky radio station by night and irking the staff of a roadside businessman's motel by day (one employee, amusingly played by Sally Phillips, laughs openly, frequently and witheringly at him), with only his bewilderingly loyal personal assistant Lynn (Felicity Montagu) to defend what honor he has remaining.
The latest flashpoint appears to Channel 4's speed-sensing Turftrax technology which has been stymied firstly by a refusal on behalf of Aidan O'Brien and John Gosden to have the one-ounce chips carried in the weightcloth of their runners and then on Saturday by Jenny Foster of Fraser Miller Racing whose utterly daffy 'reasoning' for not allowing Self Defense to carry the thing were so witheringly held up to the light by my friend P Thomas in yesterday's Post.