withhold consent

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The 39-year-old was also said to have seized her around the waist while she was asleep and unable to give or withhold consent.
Sturgeon has threatened to withhold consent for the Brexit plan unless there are significant compromises from the Tory Government.
However, they have recommended the development be approved conditionally and to withhold consent until developer obligations and affordable housing provision is agreed.
We believe patients have the right to withhold consent to be treated by non-physicians.
Data subjects should be allowed to withhold consent, especially in cases of any amendment to their personal data.
A report to councillors said: "While the planning system could withhold consent for the redevelopment of the site it has no control over private property interests such as the owner of the building deciding to re-assign current leases.
The Indigenous community is free to provide or withhold consent.
In most cases, the lease governing your landlord's occupancy of the premises will provide that the master landlord will not unreasonably withhold consent to a sublease.
Similarly, while some leases specify that landlords must be reasonable in considering whether or not to grant such a request, other leases give landlords broad discretion to withhold consent to a sublease for any reason.
The amendments implement Section 806 of the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act and give DoD the authority to take action to exclude IT contractors or withhold consent to subcontract if the department determines that a contractor or subcontractor presents a supply chain risk.
And our right to either give or withhold consent is being oppressed," Australian Indigenous leader Murrawah Johnson, who represented the youth of the Wangan and Jagalingou tribes, told APTN News.