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Eugene,' resumed Mortimer, disregarding the light interruption, and laying a hand upon Eugene's shoulder, as he, Mortimer, stood before him seated on his bed, 'you are withholding something from me.
All this past summer, you have been withholding something from me.
person who pays an amount subject to withholdings is the person responsible for the withholdings; however, other persons may be required to withhold.
The provision's supporters have argued that such withholdings are necessary, since many federal contractors do not comply with their tax obligations.
A taxpayer's employer submitted $4,104 of withholdings on his behalf to the IRS in 1988.
Begin informing your clients today about the expected result of next year's tax liability in relation to their current withholdings and encourage them to correct any undesired effects.
Employers are required to adjust payroll withholdings to comply with annual changes issued by the IRS and the states.
The practical problem is how to report multiple payments and pay the withholdings to the respective taxing authorities without identification numbers.
The guide includes references to rules affecting elective withholdings from qualified plan documents and general deposit rules for tax withholding.
The Guide includes references to rules affecting elective withholdings from qualified plan documents and the general deposit rules for tax withholding; for access, visit http://tax.
CPAs involved with payroll in an advisory capacity or otherwise, therefore, must become familiar with the applicable child support terminology and learn how to review court writs authorizing child support withholdings.
The revised estimate for withholdings, however, is only modestly above that of the time of budget enactment and 5% above the level of withholding receipts in fiscal 2004.