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WITHOUT, pleading. This word is adopted in formal traverses, and is a negative signifying "and not for;" accordingly the language of the elder entries sometimes is, It et nemy pur tiel cause," &c. Hamm. N. P. 120.

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Daniel William Gregg, 25, of Myrtle Road, Stockton, fined PS210 and ordered to pay PS256 costs for driving without due care and attention.
Certified Public Accountants Without Borders could help Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe get his financial house in order.
The students were already assigned to small groups and half of these groups were randomly selected to complete the case without tutors.
The CBA still must define what "temporary" and "incidental" are, and may define what tax services may be provided in California without a practice privilege.
Owners of unlicensed businesses can come into City Hall during November to have penalty fees waived, even without a letter, if they pay their license fees in full.
At least two newly revealed surveillance programs run by the NSA, and revealed by journalists at the New York Times and USA Today, suggest that the executive branch's unilateral surveillance activities risk harm to democratic principles without large benefit to national security.
In this light, character education in a post-modern culture is akin to urging a person to drive, but without saying where, or providing shoes for a person with no legs, or sailing without a compass.
metabolism without a geographic category of speech that will travail
Florida is among the states with the most juvenile offenders--about 600--serving life sentences, about 270 without parole.
Adam James Costello, aged 23, of Frisby Road, Tile Hill North, Coventry, driving while disqualified and using a vehicle without insurance, community order for one year, ordered to participate in the Drink Impaired Drivers programme and banned from driving for six months.
Without bending your knees, and with your right thigh contracted, bend at the hips to the right, placing your right hand on your right ankle (or as close to it as you can pain-free).
All attempt at dialogue without that was just noise, at least as far as Jews were concerned.