without a penny

See: poor
References in classic literature ?
There's Nicholas,' pursued the lady, 'quite a young man--it's time he was in the way of doing something for himself; and Kate too, poor girl, without a penny in the world.
Theories are for the poor- devil outcast,--for him who stands outside the confectioner's shop of life without a penny in his pocket, while the radiant purchasers pass in and out through the doors,--for him who watches with wistful eyes this and that sugared marvel taken out of the window by mysterious hands, to bless some happy customer inside.
As things go over there, Olenski's acted generously: he might have turned her out without a penny.
The furniture of the narrow chamber of death we had just visited weighed six millions of francs in ounces and carats alone, without a penny thrown into the account for the costly workmanship bestowed upon them
The result was that my brother, who had not been brought up to any profession, was left without a penny.
He had to walk every foot of it, for they had turned him out of jail without a penny in his pockets.
He had known what it was to have utterly exhausted his credit, to be unable to raise a dollar, and to find himself at nightfall in a strange city, without a penny to mitigate its strangeness.
He was dead beat with roaming the streets, without a penny in his pocket, all day long.
perhaps a little sorry for the girl and as usual without a penny in his pocket, appreciating the comfortable quarters, wishing to linger on as long as possible in the shameless enjoyment of this already doomed luxury.
I'll bet anything she'd rather have this young fellow without a penny, than Wilmot with his house full of gold.
They arrive in the country without a penny and work for others of their countrymen until they've learned the language and their way about.
She - as had never seen it in her life - alone - without a penny - young - so pretty - come to London.