without appeal

References in classic literature ?
If the evidence be deemed sufficient, he pronounces sentence, which in some cases is decisive and without appeal.
Without the consent of this illustrious body, no law can be enacted, repealed, or altered: and these nobles have likewise the decision of all our possessions, without appeal.
The word 'human,' indeed, became the chosen motto of the Renaissance scholars; 'humanists' was the title which they applied to themselves as to men for whom 'nothing human was without appeal.
Master Florian delivered judgment, none the less, without appeal and very suitably.
At her own home, both at Southdown and at Trottermore Castle, this tall and awful missionary of the truth rode about the country in her barouche with outriders, launched packets of tracts among the cottagers and tenants, and would order Gaffer Jones to be converted, as she would order Goody Hicks to take a James's powder, without appeal, resistance, or benefit of clergy.
You had better take hold of his legs," he decided without appeal.
It is not for us, the staid lovers calmed by the possession of a conquered liberty, to condemn without appeal the fierceness of thwarted desire.
The ICJ noted that its judgment is final, without appeal and is binding on the parties.
But a total of 438 tickets issued by the end of last week could potentially net the local authority pounds 26,280 - if all of the fixed penalty notices go through without appeal.
The power to decide, without appeal, will be held in the privacy of the different boardrooms in different post codes.
A Au1,250 monthly cap on mortgage interest, rent and hotel claims, a ban on "flipping" residences and an end to claims for "furniture, household goods, capital improvements, gardening, cleaning and stamp duty" will be introduced immediately and a "reasonableness" test applied to all claims and any failing refused without appeal.
And what also must be remembered is this comprehensive plan went through the approval process without appeal and unchallenged.