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Without batting an eyelid, the Sardar drawled, " You may resign, General Bucher, but the operation will start tomorrow.
When I asked her where she will study medicine, she said Siliguri without batting an eyelid.
Without batting an eyelid, Mekachera says it's the French diversity.
Without batting an eyelid, the owners left, saying they were off to the bank to get some money to pay their bill.
Led by their president, it adopted - without batting an eyelid - a package of accompanying measures on free movement in the EU, without which they will oppose its extension to Croatia.
He parts the information without batting an eyelid.
Stalin who sent thousands to their death without batting an eyelid knew what he was talking about when he argued that while one death is a tragedy, a million a mere statistic.
Speaking in English at a conference for foreign diplomats in Israel sponsored by the newspaper The Jerusalem Post, Lieberman said, "When push comes to shove, many key leaders would be willing to sacrifice Israel without batting an eyelid in order to appease Islamic radicals and ensure quiet for themselves".
We had a wonderful time - Jean was a perfect host and at the end of the visit drove us to our Manhattan hotel through the New York madness without batting an eyelid in spite of her age.
I've handled deadly spiders, snakes and scorpions without batting an eyelid, but if I see a rat I'll be the first to run.
We are, after all, in the creative arena, where offices are labs, ateliers; staff are absent-minded geniuses that will mismatch socks without batting an eyelid and walls are canvases for anything from Michelange- lo to machetes.
They have no right to let the country hurl toward the abyss without batting an eyelid.