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We're living in that future, the one where you can blithely talk to computers without batting an eyelid.
We had a wonderful time - Jean was a perfect host and at the end of the visit drove us to our Manhattan hotel through the New York madness without batting an eyelid in spite of her age.
I've handled deadly spiders, snakes and scorpions without batting an eyelid, but if I see a rat I'll be the first to run.
They have no right to let the country hurl toward the abyss without batting an eyelid.
What makes this jihad against free speech so egregious is that the MTA has run any number of controversial religious and political ads without batting an eyelid.
Without batting an eyelid he announced to the group of Japanese tourists gathered around him, 'This lady is an author.
The implication of all this is that basically Christofias and Talat will presumably sign it without batting an eyelid.
Working in the catering industry you just throw stuff away without batting an eyelid.
We change our wardrobe, our minds, our friends, our outlooks, our addresses and our gender, without batting an eyelid.
Israel continues to kill, kill and killC*like a killing machine without batting an eyelid and without the slightest hint of mercy or sympathy for its victims.
SHAY GIVEN admits he has faced his moment of truth - and came through it without batting an eyelid.
At least now get rid of momentum stocks without batting an eyelid.