without bias

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To enable him to do which, without bias and with perfect freedom, I shall go out of town for a week.
The regulation would also establish clear and consistent rules to protect civil liberties during voluntary police-public interactions where police are seeking to collect identifying information, to ensure that those interactions are conducted without bias or discrimination, and done in a manner that promotes public confidence and keeps our communities safe.
Following the elections, the OSCE released a report in August stressing that President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an played an active role in the election campaign, "even though under the Constitution he is obliged to be non-partisan and perform his duties without bias.
In a statement to Saudi Press Agency on Tuesday, Minister of Justice described the King's orders and directives as firm and just, noting that they were also characterized by observance of the rights of everyone without bias.
The political agreement expresses to put an end to the political and institutional division, and to give pre-eminence to the spirit of national reconciliation and the wise handling of the concerns and interests of all segments without bias, exclusion or marginalization, in line with the principles set forth in the Agreement, namely the rule of law and respect of human rights.
The firm describes itself as "product agnostic" with no financial interest in vendor selection, allowing it to advocate for its clients and approach every project without bias.
The MTNA Specialist designation is granted without bias, discrimination, or favoritism between MTNA members and/ or non-members or any other arbitrary differentiation.
Unlike network providers that also manage a certain brand, we are free to offer the very best possible housing solutions, without bias, as we have no financial ties to any specific building or brands in a given market.
Investigation into my case is carried out without bias," Sodiqov stressed.
On Sunday interim President Adly Mansour, whose tenure will conclude at the conclusion of the elections, said in an address that state institutions are without bias toward either presidential candidate and were only committed to proceeding with the country's transitional roadmap.
Currently, the government is working with transparency and without bias," he added.
Sinjari confirmed: "The police forces and internal security will do their duty to protect the polling stations and ballot boxes and employees of the Commission, and all those who will participate in the process," noting that "the security forces in the province will work without bias for the success of this process.