without blame

See: blameless
References in classic literature ?
Strangers, acquaintances, friends even who could not look at her as we looked, if she had been shown to them in the first days of her rescue from the Asylum, might have doubted if she were the Laura Fairlie they had once seen, and doubted without blame.
But if you, being so full of learning, Mas'r Davy, could think of anything to say as might bring her to believe I wasn't greatly hurt: still loving of her, and mourning for her: anything as might bring her to believe as I was not tired of my life, and yet was hoping fur to see her without blame, wheer the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest - anything as would ease her sorrowful mind, and yet not make her think as I could ever marry, or as 'twas possible that anyone could ever be to me what she was - I should ask of you to say that - with my prayers for her - that was so dear.
She leaves me without blame, and she will live so I am sure.
Zuroff told WIN, "The Polish government in exile is not without blame.
His comments were posted with a link to an article from a conservative website that argued women are not without blame in the ongoing debate about sexual misconduct in America.
It's important to remember that a workplace without blame is not an environment without expectations, nor is it chaotic.
When we are able to step back and sincerely take stock of our role in a situation without blame, a shift begins to occur--we get curious, we open to learning, and become willing to approach an issue from a fresh perspective: "I have an old belief that speaking up leads to problems with women, and it's my job to keep quiet.
Muslim scholars say if a worker who starts the day fasting but fears for his health during the course of the day, can end his fast without blame.
He's presided over arguably the darkest years in the club's history and he's certainly not without blame for this sorry affair.
The actions of OPPAP as part of this government are not without blame as to why cases like these continue to proliferate.
We need to learn to treat ourselves in a way that's encouraging, supportive and without blame.
They value mercy without strain, an attribute of God that expresses itself as forgiveness without blame.