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The body is the softest target, without body armour.
Security personnel are also using metal detectors and no one is allowed to go inside the mosques without body search.
It's hard to read emotion and get a sense (of the meaning) without body language," she said.
The backpacks are being used both with and without body armour vest and warbelt.
2000), though it has been found that people with ED report a significant impairment in physical and psychological quality of life compared with normal individuals without body dissatisfaction.
Table 1 shows a list of explanatory variables that were compared between persons with and those without body lice to determine an association with body lice infestation.
In sharp contrast to Wednesday night's heavy deployment by riot police, Captain Johnson and a handful of African-American officers without body armor walked among the crowd.
It's the women whose lives they've changed, and the buckets of confidence they've spread among young, vulnerable people who, without Body Gossip, could be in far darker places - that's what drives them.
In my point of view the seditious plot in Syria is like a head without body and they (the enemies) try to distort the reality, it (the situation in Syria) is a terrorist war led from behind the scene by certain countries which themselves have no sign of democracy and this is obvious to the entire world public opinion," Moussavi said during the meeting in Damascus.
The new USMC pack system provides Marines with a simple and effective load-carriage system that can easily be customized to support their mission, with or without body armor," said ATK Security and Sporting group President Ron Johnson.
It is not the same as a Lordship of the Manor, enshrined in English law as incorporeal hereditament - property without body.
This edition of the text sees newer rehabilitation approaches that provide further opportunity for practice as mainly supplementary techniques to task-specific training (such as, treadmill training with and without body weight support, robotic and non-robotic training devices, and virtual reality).