without circumlocution

See: direct
References in classic literature ?
Then, without circumlocution or apology, first pronounced the word "Standish," and placing the unknown engine, already described, to his mouth, from which he drew a high, shrill sound, that was followed by an octave below, from his own voice, he commenced singing the following words, in full, sweet, and melodious tones, that set the music, the poetry, and even the uneasy motion of his ill- trained beast at defiance; "How good it is, O see, And how it pleaseth well, Together e'en in unity, For brethren so to dwell.
He spoke without circumlocution, and his tone was graver than usual.
Here comes the important role of the writer to express his opinion clearly without circumlocution, and to "reweigh things" according to the real world information, not to contribute to changing it, but to know how to protect his head from the stones of anger, or whatever may be worse.