without company

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She shut herself up there, without company, and without even a servant, and so abjured and forsook the world.
I am much better without company, even if there were any one but you to bear me company, my dear Helena.
We remained there undisturbed during the Winter; and on the first day of May, 1770, my brother returned home to the settlement by himself, for a new recruit of horses and ammunition, leaving me by myself, without bread, salt or sugar, without company of my fellow creatures, or even a horse or dog.
It wasn't misfortune that saw Giroud rise with majesty but without company.
11-year-old Caitlin is not looking forward to the long Summer holidays stuck on her remote island home without company.
Independent directors must meet periodically in executive session without company management being present.
In such situations, Human Resources personnel could be instructed that no adverse employment action should be taken against the whistleblower (or, in other situations, a suspected whistleblower, or a particular class of suspected whistleblowers) without company counsel review and sign-off.
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The opportunity to travel and broaden your horizons now calls, with or without company.
Launio recalled that whenever her son was confined at the H4 ward of the San Lazaro hospital in Manila, a section for PLHIV, she would make rounds and care for patients without company.
I love the country at times, but I consider it a place for retirement, and am surprised to find myself 130 miles from the metropolis in an immense palace without company, and surrounded, like a deposed nabob, by a set of blackguards.