without compensation

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Assistant County Counsel John Krattli is currently drafting an opinion on the key question of whether LAFCO has the ability to transfer assets without compensation and without the consent of Los Angeles.
Sharon Shoesmith, 55, was dismissed without compensation from her senior position at Haringey Council in north London last month after a damning report into her department's failings.
Age Concern is bringing an action in the European Court of Justice arguing that compelling people to stop work at or after 65 without compensation breaches EU equality rules.
If the former Sheffield United coach is axed he will again leave without compensation under Football League rules that are being contested by the League Managers' Association.
I have agreed to have my body parts used to help others should I die in an auto accident, without compensation of any kind.
A reserve officer is "a volunteer, nonregular, sworn member of a law enforcement agency who serves with or without compensation and has regular police powers .
The Fifth Amendment prohibits double jeopardy (being tried twice for the same crime), the taking of private property for public use without compensation, and forced self-incrimination in criminal cases.
Officials are furious that FIFA forces clubs to release players for friendly fixtures without compensation.
The people of Cardiff, to whom the site was given for 850 years by the Marquess of Bute in 1880, would lose the use of this valuable land for the next 700 years without compensation.
Chapter 3, "Making Systematic Changes Can Be Shocking," is particularly telling of her financial wellbeing, because her narrative describes a church that is able to afford additional full-time staff and her own ability to work at the church full time without compensation.
It can be connected directly into the network without compensation and has a nominal power factor around 0.
When people are chastised for refusing to work without compensation, I would expect to read about it in the Daily News.