without conditions

References in classic literature ?
I had made up my mind to do a lot of college requirement work in the summer, and to enter the freshman class at the university without conditions in the fall.
And in proof that he fears nothing, that he counts on nothing, he will restore Monsieur de Mazarin to your majesty without conditions.
Without conditions, and under present circumstances, the girl is quite misplaced here and had better go.
But presidential spokesman Harry Roque stressed that the fund - to be channeled to the Department of Health - would be accepted only without conditions from the EU, which earlier criticized the anti-drug campaign due to reports of human rights abuses.
The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.
Magistrates sent the case to be heard at Mold Crown Court on Friday, February 9 and granted Thomas bail without conditions.
It underlined the need of the resumption of the UN-brokered peace talks among the Yemeni parties without conditions.
At a bare minimum it should allow the blinded victims, the Dead Eyes of Kashmir to travel abroad for medical treatment - anywhere to any of the nations present here, without conditions.
Lagman said to mark the dictator's 100th birthday, the Marcos heir should surrender the entire Marcos wealth without conditions of immunity, instead of praising the dictator at the heroes' cemetery.
The companies also recently received clearance from the European Commission to complete the transaction without conditions, and Baker Hughes scheduled its shareholders vote for June 30.
According to AFP, the presidential office wrote it would not be participating in the discussion unless "the militia recognizes Resolution 2216 and agrees to implement it without conditions.
He expressed his hope that the armed movements will join the national dialogue without conditions.