without conditions

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I had made up my mind to do a lot of college requirement work in the summer, and to enter the freshman class at the university without conditions in the fall.
Without conditions, and under present circumstances, the girl is quite misplaced here and had better go.
Proposal must be accompanied by a certified check drawn upon a National or State Bank and made payable without conditions to the Municipality of Penn Hills in an amount not less than ten (10%) percent of the proposal or a bid bond and be delivered to the place and hour named.
The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.
According to AFP, the presidential office wrote it would not be participating in the discussion unless "the militia recognizes Resolution 2216 and agrees to implement it without conditions.
He expressed his hope that the armed movements will join the national dialogue without conditions.
In addition, there can be no new lending without conditions," Schelling said.
Shareholders are advised the Transaction was approved today, Wednesday, 24 June 2015, by the Competition Tribunal of South Africa, without conditions, and accordingly the Transaction has become unconditional.
Russia has announced during the visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to Moscow in the 20 of last month its willingness to supply Iraq with weapons and equipment without conditions.
The published recordings showed how Ahmeti entered the Government without conditions, surpassing the collective rights and strategic determination of one whole population only to save his "head".
e licensing sub-committee will meet on Monday to decide whether to allow the temporary event to take place, either with or without conditions, or to uphold the objection He said he has upgraded the venue's CCTV - as it previously recorded 20 days - so that it complies with the licensing condition.
A tax that kills any jobs, particularly in a sector known for innovation, is counterproductive, and Massachusetts' two senators should be leading the fight for its repeal, without conditions, and without looking to recoup the "lost'' revenue elsewhere.