without confusion

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Gardiner did, a question which she could not answer without confusion, said scarcely any thing.
The night was cloudy yet, but moonlight too: and when we crossed the Susquehanna river - over which there is an extraordinary wooden bridge with two galleries, one above the other, so that even there, two boat teams meeting, may pass without confusion - it was wild and grand.
His manner was very keen, and yet considerate when he explained to me that a great deal might depend on my being able to answer, without confusion, a few questions that he wished to ask me.
No, I wish you to understand that Heaven effects its purposes without confusion or disturbance, without exciting comment or remark, without difficulty or exertion; and that men, inspired by Heaven, succeed like Heaven itself, in all their undertakings, in all they attempt, in all they do.
Poyser gave her approbation to the scheme of the movable kitchen cupboard, which was to be capable of containing grocery, pickles, crockery, and house-linen in the utmost compactness without confusion.
A baby can tell you what they need without confusion or upset - they can express themselves and get so excited that they can too.
But the desire to feed their infants better doesn't come without confusion about how much and what kinds of foods are needed for a well-balanced diet.
The agency says photographs must be clear and be a current likeness to allow the police to link the driver to driving entitlement held without confusion or ambiguity.
The key objective of Onwani is to improve the calibre of services in Abu Dhabi by facilitating the easy recognition of streets, and by enabling residents and visitors to reach their destinations without confusion.
The Yukios e can be operated only with the drive lever and speed-change lever, therefore even a novice user can use it fully without confusion.
Don't forget that the most important person in this equation is your member and the level to which they must navigate various technology channels without confusion.
The atmospheric correction enabled the detection of the weak heat emitted from this exotic exoplanet without confusion from the hotter parent star.