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The Frankenstein that Zia created by involving this country in 1979 Afghan war, creating Madrassahs where 'Jehad was fed to young minds in concentrated dose without context or explanation' and Qitaal forbidden in Islam used as weapon to destroy this country from within.
The federal minister blamed out-of-context reporting by media for the issue, saying it is easy to report statements without context associated with public representatives.
But she isn't completely without context, even as a kindergartner.
Though the memoir in question recounts the writer's dawning understanding of the orientalist gaze, and how corrosive it can be, in excerpting the beginning of the text without context, we let down our readers, who deserve better.
will be truly intelligent and be able to operate without context.
After reading that Hideaki Itsuno plans to unveil his secret project this year, we waited diligently to see what the project was even though we knew full and well what it actually was," Son of Sparda wrote before stating, "Original plan was to leak this document after PSX/Capcom Cup but details of this document started to spread like wildfire and it was only a matter of time before it got posted in less savory places without context so we are leaking this earlier than anticipated.
Also watch for averages without context and whether the claim seems completely one-sided.
Many of the same tropes are there: progressions get nowhere; developments don't develop; there's a pervading sense of arbitrariness (tapping and banging the keys); and musical gestures occur without context, like the ten seconds of ragtime just before the end.
Wolchock stressed the importance of context, and how content without context and conversation can often get lost.
But as we know, as in other industries, technology by itself cannot solve problems without context and expertise.
Until then, it's just information without context or meaning.
Managers have certification fatigue due to time-consuming access review processes without context.