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Most businesses want to improve client/guest/employee engagement, but they respond by building strategies without context.
Just as an architectural student needs to understand the style they're working in, you can't make a movie without context.
If it's just one person on their own, I'll try to explain my style of comedy is more observational, that I tell stories and they don't mean anything without context.
Those who fall for the deception and perceive the vanitas as the sole painting miss the message that Gijsbrechts intends: nothing is what it seems without context.
To dismiss this tragedy as a solo event, without context and the work of a "nutcase," feeds into a lie that perpetuates the racism that is engrained in American culture.
Total quantity or scope: This consultation will lead to a minimum without context and without maximum agreement.
Pringle's mom, Linda Pringle, had equally strong words for those who memed her little granddaughter and do the same to the images of other unsuspecting strangers without context or backstory and with seemingly little thought beyond their own amusement and that of their friends and followers online.
Content without context only goes so far, and we're telling the world just that with our acquisition of PeerIndex," said Giles Palmer, Brandwatch CEO.
This selective drip feeding of information without context is designed to frighten me to go away.
even though it comes without context or build-up, and is blatantly a case of hitting a mark.
The comments were without context, but Wallace's questioning and Kerry's reply seemed to make clear that the secretary had been speaking ironically about a "pinpoint operation" to express that he was disturbed by the deaths of Palestinian civilians, including many children, in an operation aimed at the militant extremists who have been smuggling arms into Gaza and raining rockets on Israel.
Unveiled bluntly and without context they can offer more obfuscation than enlightenment.