without depth

See: immaterial
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It was a grey, white face, shrivelled and pinched, weak eyes without depth, a vapid smile in which there was no meaning.
His eyes which were blue like hers, only faded, without depth, seemed to start out of their orbits.
I had no clue how to land an airplane by visual reference without depth perception.
Filmmakers seem to think that visual gimmicks can compensate for a story without depth.
Tacky, one-sided and full of poorly written opinions without depth or research.
Instead, these paintings construct a self-contained (if not self-consistent) imaginary world that comes to an end at the edges of the canvas: a world of bright colors and insouciantly coiled lines describing schematic, ornamental bodies without depth.
Without depth perception, everyday tasks such as driving or cooking can be risky.
Their actions follow the same sequence as the popular Turkish series, which are long and without depth or meaning.
He is intelligent without depth, shrewd without vision, jocular without humor" (pp.
They're the current Six Nations champions and you don't get there without depth.
It's purely commercial and current, without depth and true feeling.