without employment

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I saw men who but a few months previous were members of Congress, then without employment and in poverty.
Many uncomfortable, anxious, apprehensive feelings she certainly had; but with all these, and other claims on her time and attention, she was as far from finding herself without employment or utility amongst them, as without a companion in uneasiness; quite as far from having no demand on her leisure as on her compassion.
Currently, those who stay here over three months without employment at Korean firms are able to subscribe to the state healthcare program through a non-employer-sponsored plan with a monthly premium of only 103,080 won ($96.
This change will negatively affect people without employment and income who will have to pay instalments," said Wilfried Serles, managing partner at Grant Thornton Slovakia, adding that these people would prefer state contribution.
7 million Pakistanis without employment, says All-Pakistan Motors Dealers Association (APDMA) Chairman HM Shahzad.
EMPLOYING TEACHERSShe added that they will either consider employing teachers who have stayed for long without employment or consider those who performed well.
or purchases) management of the program that will contribute to the sustainable integration in the labor market of young people from 16 to 30 years without employment in the municipality.
The programmes are aimed at reintegrating ex-combatants into the main stream as most of the former rebels still remain without employment eight years after the end of the conflict.
If you're trying to get a loan without employment, be sure to ask around and show a good proof of your income - from investment or inheritance.
Without employment, we are subjected to work capability assessments (conducted by private firms for profit) and the murderous sanctions regime.
Zac claims that other members of staff found themselves paid less than the promised rate, without employment contracts and questioning working conditions.
This allows individuals to not be a burden on the community, because without employment they become an individual who relies on entitlements.