without enthusiasm

References in classic literature ?
He was a man of few words, who gave his lesson conscientiously but without enthusiasm, arriving as the clock struck and leaving on the minute.
It is an occupation which a man not desperately subject to sea-sickness can be imagined to follow with content, without enthusiasm, with industry, without affection.
In those rare flashes of semi-consciousness which sometimes come to the fever-stricken, he reckoned himself a dying man and contemplated the end of all things without enthusiasm and without regret.
Three men sat in at stud-poker, but they played with small chips and without enthusiasm, while there were no onlookers.
It's not much changed," he answered without enthusiasm.
I have served them without enthusiasm -- God knows that I estimated them at their real value, and that they are not high in my esteem -- but on principle.
The duke seized the hand of the king, but without enthusiasm, without joy, as he did everything.
Monte Cristo bowed without making any answer; he accepted the offer without enthusiasm and without regret, as one of those conventions of society which every gentleman looks upon as a duty.
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Lord Dawlish eyed the strange fowl without enthusiasm.
Jukes took care to punctuate these instructions in proper places with the obligatory "Yes, sir," ejaculated without enthusiasm.
She retained just, but only just, enough of this to enter the CONSERVATOIRE, where she did not distinguish herself at all, attending the classes without enthusiasm and taking a prize only to please old Mamma Valerius, with whom she continued to live.