without exception

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But "drinking the waters" was only a small portion of the torture I experienced during that memorable month--a month which was, without exception, the most miserable I have ever spent.
But in so complex a thing as human nature, we must consider, it is hard to find rules without exceptions.
In an interview given to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, Patriarch Laham asserted that takfiri groups target all the components of Syrian society, with the recent massacre in Adra proving this, affirming that the terrorists' acts of vandalism, murder and displacing affected all Syrians without exceptions.
Asked about the possibility of hosting British royalty, he said: "If the people of Ireland decided that I should be their President, my responsibilities and duties would be to meet heads of state from all over the world and to do that without exception, and that would be my position.
The Embassy, in a statement today, said that the categories of visas and related fees as posted on its website are part a universal visa system which is used by all UAE missions abroad without exception.
He wanted them to befriend everyone they met, without exception.
IN regards to voter apathy, it is without exception down to selfishness.
But without exception the history of the world body proves that UN practice does not live up to UN propaganda.
Without exception, the children were buzzing with energy and interest.
And without exception, I've noted that the larger the police department, the more disconnected it is from the community.
All the staff, without exception, were sympathetic, kind and caring and nothing was too much trouble for them.