without fault

See: blameless
References in classic literature ?
Have you a hut near by, O Chief Bulalio, foe of Dingaan the king, where I, the mouth of the king, may speak with you a while apart, for I would learn your message word by word that I may deliver it without fault.
Still, I must confess he is not without faults, love.
This initial deployment for Cablevision of around 500,000 subscribers is the smallest of the planned roll-outs for the Company's inaugural Tier One contract, which now incorporates a total of five cable network deployments, and the Board is happy to report that following the successful launch, Mirada's technology has performed without fault and the deployment is running ahead of management expectations.
As Toronto blasted Uber for its services, the agency disclosed the traditional taxi industry is not without fault, having received "numerous complaints," including on wait times and high prices.
by reason of unforeseeable causes beyond the successful vendor s control and without fault or negligence, including, but not
Liversedge Beta rider Keith Normington and Huddersfield's Dave Robinson shared the top spot in the route A class by riding all 30 sections without fault.
In North Wales, only seven men and three women passed their first test without fault in 2012/13 out of 4,716.
It's important to keep the engine's cooling system running without fault.
Hinkle said the debt collection could be waived if the person is without fault and repayment would ''deprive the person of income needed for ordinary living expenses or would be unfair for another reason.
He demanded the judiciary to assume its legal and moral to protect the Iraqi people from the security forces, which arrests without court orders or legal justification, without fault of their own," noting: "The arrests that take place today without warrants arrest reflects the absence of the rule of law in achieving security and stability".
I have said throughout that there is no side without fault here, and I will tell this to Joy in person.