without favor

See: fairly
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A police officer performs all duties impartially, without favor, affection or ill will and without regard to status, sex, race, religion, political belief or aspiration.
This is why the proponents of both strategies need to be personally clean and publicly committed, not only to their respective ideologies but also to serving the people of India without favor.
We express our commitment that all income will go to the federal purse and will be distributed to all Iraqi areas without favor.
In the process, it is implied that only when legislators are not facing legitimate reelection challenges can they be counted on to act without favor.
The lowliest of the lowly, slaves and women, flocked into the early church understanding that no matter how they were trampled upon in this world, God loves each one of us equally and without favor, and bestows gifts upon us without regard to class, race, or gender.
Judge Kinsey's campaign materials gave the misleading impression that a judge's role in criminal proceedings is to combat crime and support police officers, as opposed to being an impartial tribunal where justice is dispensed without favor or bias.
Beyond the requirements of civil justice, the laity wants its bishops to act compassionately and without favor, to be truly inclusive church leaders.
He is free to pursue this matter without favor or prejudice, wherever the investigation may lead," Cox concluded.
Eckley interprets this lack of favoritism as likely reflective of either Lincoln's recognition that he could retain Swett's support without favors or of the president's care to avoid offending nonstate Republicans and War Democrats by appointing Illinois cronies.