without harm

See: innocent
References in classic literature ?
They can be used and can circulate and fulfill their purpose without harm to anyone and even advantageously, as long as no one asks what is the security behind them.
I do not the least condemn that sort of thing; one does not live by sweets, unless one is willing to spoil one's digestion; but one may now and then indulge one's self without harm, and a sugar-plum or two after dinner may even be of advantage.
See here, my good steed," broke in the Wizard, "little Dorothy and I have been in many queer countries in our travels, and always escaped without harm.
It is a very simple one, and very large quantities may be taken without harm.
A ma-an may look at a pretty woman without harm, mayn't he?
He saw the women and children passing in and out of them without harm, and he saw the dogs trying often to get into them, and being driven away with sharp words and flying stones.
With feet firmly planted, their sleeves rolled back to give free play to their muscles, their long yellow bow-staves in their left hands, and their quivers slung to the front, they had waited in the four-deep harrow formation which gave strength to their array, and yet permitted every man to draw his arrow freely without harm to those in front.
He went into that room last night, without harm in word or deed from me, and no one has entered it since.
Fairview, which has signed a "Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge" developed by the advocacy group Health Care Without Harm, said it decided to eliminate sugary drinks after the state's House of Representatives voted to ban their sale in schools.
To spread the word about the role nurses play in advocating for environmental health, the Nurses Work Group of Health Care Without Harm and the Luminary Project are holding an essay contest for undergraduate nursing students.
ANA participates as a member of Health Care Without Harm (HCWH), an international coalition with 450 groups in 55 countries working to transform the health care industry so it is no longer a source of harm to people and the environment.
Now the group Health Care Without Harm has released a report showing that hospitals abound with substances that can trigger or even cause asthma.