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There is then in all persons a natural impetus to associate with each other in this manner, and he who first founded civil society was the cause of the greatest good; for as by the completion of it man is the most excellent of all living beings, so without law and justice he would be the worst of all, for nothing is so difficult to subdue as injustice in arms: but these arms man is born with, namely, prudence and valour, which he may apply to the most opposite purposes, for he who abuses them will be the most wicked, the most cruel, the most lustful, and most gluttonous being imaginable; for justice is a political virtue, by the rules of it the state is regulated, and these rules are the criterion of what is right.
or can introduce Law and Edict on us, who without law Erre not, much less for this to be our Lord, And look for adoration to th' abuse Of those Imperial Titles which assert Our being ordain'd to govern, not to serve?
The Golden Age was first created, which without any avenger Spontaneously without law cherished fidelity and rectitude.
10 -- the Ankara attack -- it is easy to see that the right to life (Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights [ECHR]); the prohibition of torture (Article 3); the right to liberty and security (Article 5); the right to a fair trial (Article 6); no punishment without law (Article 7); the right to respect for private and family life (Article 8); freedom of thought, conscience and religion (Article 9); freedom of expression (Article 10); freedom of assembly and association (Article 11); and prohibition of discrimination (Article 14), etc.
The teenager's legal team argued the refusal to return breached a European Convention of Human Rights provision that there should be no punishment without law.
They knew that without law there could be no freedom.
Electric Guard Dog is the only security measure that can consistently deter theft without law enforcement: 95% of our customers experience no external theft after installation.
I don't think anyone with any sense of logic would argue against those clauses things like freedom of expression, right to life, no punishment without law, freedom from slavery - and lots, lots more good stuff.
Court remarked " CDA should not do any work without merit and issue any tender without law and constitution.
As per South Sudan national constitution, somebody must be taken to court first to determine his or her crime committed than detaining him or her without law to prove.
With August 12 being World Elephant Day, Jason Bell, Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare's (IFAW) Elephant Programme, said, "As animal lovers around the world get ready to celebrate World Elephant Day it's worth reflecting that, since the beginning of January, not a single week has passed without law enforcers confiscating shipments of ivory, both large and small.