without motion

See: stagnant
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Druse neither turned his head nor looked at him, but lay without motion or sign of recognition.
She remained without motion during his absence, and when he returned suffered herself to be put back into the phaeton, and driven off on the return journey like an idiot or a tired child.
The eyes appeared to glare more fiercely than ever, but the mass which, according to the trapper's opinion, was neither more nor less than a human head, shorn, as usual among the warriors of the west, of its hair, still continued without motion, or any other sign of life.
Observing that I remained without motion, one or two of the boldest leaped upon the frame-work, and smelt at the surcingle.
As he looked, Ernest could hardly believe but that a smile beamed over the whole visage, with a radiance still brightening, although without motion of the lips.
Be mandated 2 cabin simulators without motion system, with all the necessary control and operating elements, each a fully functioning passenger door unit with TE-rnoteinrichtungen and station as well as one cabinet for circuit breakers and fuses, on the one hand the vehicle type DT8.
The Peregrine's single laser pulse per frame illuminates the scene at the speed of light, even in obscure conditions resulting in 3D data without motion blurring.
Nev likes underdogs as much as he likes catchphrases ("there is no emotion without motion.
In the 85-year history of the awards, no Oscar[R]-winning best picture has ever been made without motion picture film technology.
Speaking to Gulf News, he said that the hazardous position for long hours without motion increases the pressure on the spine.
Using progressive scan technology, the camera provides HDTV images of moving objects without motion blur.
Eliot's Hollow Men to prove his point: ''Shape without form, shade without colour/ Paralysed force, gesture without motion.